SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated, modular software package, thanks to which you can plan your resources, order, and gather data and integrate all departments, business partners, and processes occurring within your enterprise.  The ERP system allows you to systematize the work environment, as well as to enhance the flow of tasks and reorganization of communication channels.

The greatest advantage of SAP ERP solutions is that it helps you build your competitive advantage.  With SAP ERP, you gain full control over your company, its resources, and processes – thanks to which you can optimize them for greater efficiency or cost reduction.



Business Transformation consists in implementing standards for the performance of specific business processes at groups of companies in order to achieve economic and performance-related goals. The transformation involves investing in additional IT solutions and implementing organisational changes, particularly during the creation of subsidiaries, M&A processes or preparations for expansion.

Business Transformation includes activities on multiple markets, in different countries and on different continents, and it requires analyses of legislative, economic and social regulations. Consequently, Business Transformation can only bring significant benefits when the implementation Partner is experienced and the company is flexible and open to changes.


We do not only design solutions, but also build web applications – working on both computers and mobile devices.

Each project starts with learning the company’s business strategy, the role of the particular solution and its business goals.  We call a project successful only when we add value to our customer’s business by providing a product that is more efficient, better scalable and is fulfilling the business needs in a wider range.

Talented engineers work at EnCollap: back- and front-end developers who take care of every aspect of your application, from user-friendly UI to full integrity of databases.  And since the integral part of software development is testing, know that our QA engineers and DevOps take part in the process from its beginning to the end.



We know that in business reliability is a key asset, which is why Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance to us. Our specialists watch over every line of code so that each element of a solution or application works flawlessly and supports the customer’s key business processes day-by-day.

We realize that some applications miss that part, which can result in lower performance, worse usability, compatibility and security… We fill that gap by introducing proven Quality Assurance practices to already existing solutions or applications, even designed by other software companies. Our services include all types of tests: from unit tests, integration tests to automated functional tests, as well as performance and load tests.

Quality Assurance (including Testing) is an integral part of all our services. We always stand for that in each and every project.